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To be truly healthy involves addressing all areas of our life and we aim to guide our patients to optimum health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. To do this we have brought together a team of highly qualified practitioners that practice evidence-based, natural and complementary medicine.

We believe a healthy, happy world is created by healthy, happy people and it is our aim to support our patients in finding their optimal health potential. 

Juno Wellness (previously called The Healing Point Margaret River) is the South-West’s leading natural medicine clinic. The clinic is named after Juno, an ancient Roman goddess who was a protector of the community and had roles in relationships, love, vital energy and new life. All beautiful gifts that I think we also bring to our patients and the community.  Our skilled practitioners in naturopathy, acupuncture,  holistic skincare and spa therapies, structural integration, and osteopathy aim to provide a supportive and caring environment to help you reach your health goals. Our clinic has a special focus on fertility, hormonal conditions and mental health, including depression and anxiety.  However we can help with a wide range of conditions, including digestive conditions, musculoskeletal issues and pain, autoimmune and low immunity concerns. 

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