Alexa Nehter -  Structural Integration 


Alexa Nehter (MEd Bio. - & Sports Science, RYT 500) is a Margaret River based manual- and movement therapist. 

She is a dedicated mover (yoga, Slings myofascial training, Contemporary Pilates, Ido Portal method-movement, surfing, trail running) and all over fascia- and anatomy nerd. 

Alexa’s aim is to make her clients feel comfortable in their bodies and thus overall wellbeing. 

'Your body doesn't have a soul. Your body is the soul.' is one of Alexa's favourite quotes by Jaap Van Der Vaal , medical doctor, anatomy professor, embryologist, and anthroposophical morphologist, distilling the interconnectedness of our physical-, physiological-, emotional- and spiritual well-being.

In her sessions Alexa shares the most applicable research of science and treatment practices so her clients will 

a) experience immediate and long-term results
b) (re)-establish movement-freedom and confidence
c) develop a good understanding of the workings of their bodies and the how and why of posture and movement. 

Alexa Nehter

Alexa works with the likes of recreational- and professional athletes, not-yet & busy mum's, office workers, tradies, movement- teachers and therapists, helping them to achieve their goals, from rehabilitative- to sport specific outcomes, to woman's health, to ageing well. 

In the past decade Alexa intensively studied the science of yoga and meditation, Anatomy Trains Structural Integration, as well Pilates and Slings myofascial training. 

She regularly assists Anatomy Trains and art of motion trainings, and is the founder and developer of Fascia Vinyasa Yoga® a yoga practice that integrates alignment based Yoga and myofascial fitness. 


Tue    8:00- 5:00pm

Thu   8:00- 5:00pm

Fri 8:00- 5:00pm

Sat 8:00-3:00pm


MEd Biological and Sport Science, European University Flensburg /Germany)

cert. Anatomy Trains Structural Integrator (Anatomy Trains Australia) 

Yoga & Meditation Teacher (Scaravelli, Iyengar, alignment based Hatha Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga), Cert. IV / RYT 500

Slings Myofascial Training (art of motion Academy)

Faszio Fascial Fitness (Faszio Germany)

Contemporary Pilates Flow (art of motion Academy)

Lecturer / Teacher in training Anatomy Trains / art of motion Academy