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Georgia is a passionate spa therapist who practices holistic massage and natural skincare treatments. After completing her Diploma in Remedial Massage she began working from home and in local day spas, which lead to a new interest in skincare. Georgia then completed her Diploma in Beauty Therapy to gain a better understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the skin.

Now, Georgia has combined this knowledge with her passion for homemade skincare. Her interest in using ‘food’ for the face, body and hair all started with a ‘natural beauty’ book that is full of recipes and ancient beauty secrets from around the world. From learning about Colombian women using honey as a hydrating and healing facemask, to experimenting with mango and papaya pulp as an enzyme exfoliator.

Georgia was excited about the results (and enjoyment) that came from using simple ingredients from nature, and went on to discover and learn more about a whole other world of self-care, that didn’t rely on the cosmetic industry.

Why use food on your face?

Although Georgia had already experienced the effective results of these recipes for years, it was only when she was studying beauty therapy and learning about the science of skin biology and cosmetic chemistry, that she realised and could confidently conclude that all of the ingredients in her ‘skin food pantry’ actually work. And why shouldn’t they? After all, our body systems require the nutrients from the food we eat to function properly. So it makes sense that we can use some of these foods in the same way we use regular cosmetic products.  

Georgia has always reverted to her homemade recipes after trying off the shelf products purely for convenience or from being drawn in by many beautiful skincare ranges of the spa industry.

If you have a skincare range that you love and your skin is happy and healthy, great! Homemade skincare is not the only way, but it definitely is a way, one that not many people are aware of.

Some of us don’t have the money to spend on high-end organic brands. We may not necessarily be getting results from the affordable products we are using either, but we buy them anyway because we are so used to ‘needing’ these things.

Georgia is not suggesting that this is approach is more effective than mainstream beauty products/treatments. It is simply another option, one that many people have either never heard of or never bothered trying.

DIY skin care is a fantastic option if it suits your needs and preferences. Georgia is hoping to show you just how effective and easy it can be, if you use the right ingredients correctly.

Today, we are living in the middle of a war on waste. Many people are beginning to change the way they shop and are trying to avoid plastic/ disposable items all together. What a great time to start making your own skincare products and reduce your footprint!


Wed: 10:00am- 6:00pm

*Tuesday and Saturday appointments may be available upon request


Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Diploma in Remedial Massage