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Naturopathy - The original functional medicine

Naturopathy is a form of health care that is deeply focused on finding the cause of your symptoms. Rather than masking symptoms, we aim to bring you back to health from the inside out. Educating patients is also at the forefront, so you are empowered to reclaim your health. Your individual health needs are assessed in a naturopathic consultation and no two treatments are the same as every person is unique in their needs and abilities in life and wellness. 

Naturopathic medicine draws on traditional knowledge, along with new evidence-based techniques to address how our modern diet, chemicals, technology and our busy lifestyles are negatively impacting our health,

In a naturopathic consultation, Tess is able to take the time to listen so you are truly heard and your needs can be met. While you may feel you have a million things going on in your body, naturopathy helps put the pieces of your health puzzle together. With proper clinical case taking, and testing where needed the cause of your array of symptoms can be found. Nutritional supplementation, herbal medicine, dietary and lifestyle advice is then used to bring you back to health. 

Functional testing

Tess is highly skilled in blood pathology interpretation to assess your health along with strong clinical diagnostic skills. From time to time further testing will be required to properly assess your health. This may include:

  • Salivary hormone and urinary hormone testing
  • Food intolerance IgG and IgA assessment
  • Stool testing: culture and PCR
  • Genetic testing

What to expect in a consultation

Initial consultation: This will go for 60 minutes for an individual or 90 minutes for a couples consultation. A detailed case history is taken including a discussion of your presenting symptoms, past medical history, family medical history and a systematic review of your body’s health systems. Assessment includes physical, mental and emotional health. This is your time to be truly heard, and discuss your health concerns. Tess will also use naturopathic diagnostic skills including iridology, tongue and nail analysis, blood pressure and other techniques as needed. After an initial consultation, you will usually be prescribed some dietary and lifestyle changes and sent for further assessment including blood and/ or functional testing

Repeat consultations: These consults are to review your tests, update treatment plans and answer questions you may have regarding your treatment. 

When you first start naturopathic treatment, consults are usually spaced 2-3 weeks apart and then increased to 4-8 weeks as you progress in treatment. 

Many of our patients, once their health goals are achieved, come for check-ups every 6 -12 months to maintain their health. 

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