Fees are charged at $150/ hr. Consult times generally run as follows:

Initial consultation  (60mins) 

Couples Initial Fertility consultation (90mins)

Standard consultation  ( 30- 45min)

Acute/ short consultation  (15min)  

Child Initial consultation (14 yrs and under) (45mins)  

SKYPE consultations available within Australia



Initial consultation  (60mins)   $85

Standard consultation (45mins)  $85

Initial fertility consultation (60mins) $140

Private health rebates available on acupuncture consultation fees     


 Skin Food Spa Therapies

Massage Therapy

A full body holistic style massage treatment designed to alleviate physical and mental stress and tension, stimulate healthy circulation, support harmony of the body systems and improve skin tone

Each treatment is unique to your individual needs and preferences in regards to massage techniques, pace and pressure

(60 mins) $80 / (90 mins) $100


Natural Skin Food Facial

A spa style facial treatment using natural and organic ingredients freshly prepared and tailored to suit your individual skin type and condition.

This treatment includes a leg, arm, neck and face massage

Allow 75-90 minutes - $100


Skin Food and Massage Therapy

Can’t decide? Enjoy a combination of massage and skin food therapy.

30 minute back of body massage followed by a 60-minute skin food facial


60 minute full body massage including a 30 minute mini skin food facial

(90 mins) $100


Structural Integration

$125 / 90 minutes
$100 / 60 minutes
$360 / 3-session series  ($120 / 90. min.) 
$1320  / 12-session series ($110/ 90 min.)

1-on-1 Myofascial Movement / Rehabilitation Sessions

$80 / 60 minutes
$210 / 3 session package (includes take-home sequence video)

All fees are payable at time of consultation (no accounts held). EFTPOS and HICAPS facility available at clinic


New Client Consults (60mins) $120

Standard Return Consult (30 mins) $90

Recommended for clients who: are continuing treatment for one condition, require maintenance treatment for a chronic condition, or are simply after a ‘tune up’

Extended Return Consult (45 mins) $110

•Needed when you have a new clinical presentation, want two unrelated donations treated. Eg: elbow and ankle pain or require treatment and a review of a rehabilitation program or self management strategy.